morphlexMor-phlex [more-flex]

Since 1995 I've been self motivated/self taught while using this alias (morphlex) on the Internet and I'm still on this continuous journey of understanding all the facets of digital media as it evolves. Through this driven curiosity it has led me to a point where my skill set, through extensive experiences, far outweighs any degree. This has lead to fill many roles over the years ranging from photo manipulation to custom 3D modeling and animation to web design and development. Bottom line, I'm a self taught self motivated individual with a particularly creative side.

From large scale corporate design projects to small personal ones, I tailor design or manipulate pixels for your liking. Some of what I offer includes photography, videography, video editing, photo correction, image manipulation, logo design, package design, print design, web design, web development, mobile web design, search engine optimization (SEO), social branding, project management, creative consulting, computer maintenance and repair, computer networking and network security.

Feel free to view my resume and portfolio but don't forget to check out some of my FREE digital mixes from way back.